Monday, January 05, 2009

I am ecstatic about the imminent changing of the guard in Washington. Now you stupid liberals that voted for "change" are going to see the empirical evidence that there is not going to be any change. Of course, it will get sugar coated by the press and ya'll will swallow the pill that says it is still GWB's fault.

Nobama said he was going to pull the troops out of Iraq. At this point, he has had most of his CIA and Joint Chief's briefings. And guess what? the military is not planning on any troop reductions in Iraq. If they thought that the president elect was going to pull the plug on the operation, they would not already have plans to redeploy a gazillion troops to Iraq.

So ya'll just keep thinking that he is the new Martin Luther King messiah. I like to keep reminding the folks who say that his presidency is historical that the man is half white... The truth of the matter is he didn't change Chicago politics when he was there and he won't change Washington politics as president. He will be ineffective, the press will blame the minority Republicans and ya'll will swallow it hook, line and sinker. Chumps.

Nobama says he will pull the plug in Iraq.


The Army's recent Iraq troop announcements.


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