Thursday, December 05, 2002

hay ya'll,
i have been super busy of late. the ice climbing down south has been so good that between climbing and working i haven't had a spare moment. n.e. ga and n.c. are enjoying stellar early season ice climbing conditions. check out the conditions page for more info. i have been re-working the ice climbing section and have more to do. am also steadily adding to the tractor section and currently working on the steam traction engine section. i witnessed a plane crash day before yesterday which was pretty cool. this dude crash landed on church street here in gainesville. i watched him go down until he hit two sets of power lines and poles. he slid down the sidewalk while clipping a couple of parked cars with his wing. both he and the passenger escaped with only minor injuries. pretty darn cool. got some photos and am going to use them to kick off a new section. it will be the mahem and madness section. so if you have shots of crazy stuff send them along. i gotta get back to n.c. and swing tools until my arms fall off. keep looking for current local conditions.

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