Thursday, August 22, 2002

well i thought i was catching up,
i don't know what has happened but suddenly the flood gates have opened up at work. i have had to work the past two weekends so there has been no climbing. boo... hiss... at least i have managed to get on the bike almost every day though. i took a rest/work day yesterday and stayed at the shop until dark but i will be quitting early today and pedaling hard very soon.
over the past couple of weeks i have noticed that the friendliness bug that america had caught after 9/11 has started to fade. instead of waves, i am back to getting the bird finger from many of the folks in their metal coffins they call cars. last week i even had two punks in a red and black s-10 pickup throw a bottle at me before they flipped me off. i found them parked in the next town about an hour later and confronted the teenage punks. they claimed i had the wrong truck but i know better. if they had been over the age of 18 i believe i would have gotten into a fist fight for the first time in 20 years. i am sick of being a target for bottles when i ride my bike. don't these people understand i carry a magnum. if i was as crazy as everyone thinks i am i would have capped one of these fools a long time ago. someday i will probably snap and pull someone out of their car like an old roommate of mine did once. it was pretty funny to watch to punks get ridden down by a nerd on a bicycle then the passenger plucked from the convertable mustang long enough to get stroked in the head by a geeky engineer. i think that was the only fight he had been in in his entire life. folks get mad when you try to kill them. of course i called the sheriff's department about the bottle incident from my cell phone less than 30 seconds after it happened but i never saw a cop car come up the road. i bet if they had trown a bottle at a cop the entire force would have been mobilized. well that covers my ranting for the day.
check out the bicycle section of my site. i have tweaked it some more along with adding a section about my personal bikes. i have also done some recent updates on peru in the travel section. the projects, electronics, and pet sections are still under heavy construction but should be updated soon. a little mountainnering has been added along with some more n.c. ice. hope everybody out there has a nice day and remember it is time to ride after work with these long days.

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