Tuesday, January 14, 2003

hay folks,
well i finally have most of my yonah mountain access info dusted off and posted to the site. i still have some fluff to add but the basics are there. i really miss my afternoon sessions on the mountain. with a three mile approach through privatre property it is just not feasable to go unless a person can take a full day. that really bites when you live ony 30 minutes away. i still want to add some photos to the access section so people can obviously see what they are trying to save if they don't know. for the meantime ya'll will have to pilfer through my rock and ice sections to see photos of the mountain.
the ice is really coming in good so in addition to work i have been trying to work in a full ice climbing schedule. very tiring. well i gotta get back to work so i can have time to climb along with trying to save the planet.
peace of mind,
joy of heart,
love of god,

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

i am getting back in the swing of things. i have updated the ice conditions page and have worked on my ski pages some. i have a lot more photos from the last trip to add to the ski, snow boarding and ice climbing pages. keep checking in for the latest updates. work is really picking up which is good since i have about run through my travelling money and need to bank some cash for the next trip. hope all ya'll are having a happy new year.

Monday, January 06, 2003

one of my biggest complaints about blogs has been how infrequently some folks post to their page. now i find myself falling in the same trap. i have been swamped of late. i just got back from a couple of weeks in colorado and between getting work caught up to leave and being gone i have not posted anything here in a month. the skiing at breckenridge was great and all the summit county ice was fat. now that i am back i am calling around and seeing what is in so i can plan my swinging for the weekend. should be some southern ice to climb somewhere. i'll start working on some updates on the site tonight. it is getting kinda stale.

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