Tuesday, January 22, 2008

some food for thought folks...
Of the estimated 130,000 united states troops directly involved in the Iraqi conflict an estimated 31,000 to 37,000 are not United States citizens. You may ask, who are these masked men? Well since you asked, they are the Mexicans that folks seem to gripe about. Mexicans? fighting an American sponsored war? Yes. A portion of the Hispanic total is comprised of a few Dominicans and Puerto Ricans.

Right now about 14% of the Marine Corps is comprised of amigos, 10% of the Army is Hispanic, 11% of the Navy, and 6% of the Air Force. Estimates say that as many as 20% of our front line forces are Hispanic. At present Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic group in our military and account for about 11% of our total enlisted forces.

This number is growing. While enlistments of blacks is declining sharply and whites is tapering off a little more moderately, the amigos are picking up the slack. So not only are they cutting our grass, washing our dishes, building our homes and about every other piece of manual labor, they are protecting our countries interests on the battle field.

It was estimated that in the battle for Falluja, the combat forces for that fight were an astounding 30% Hispanic. While these industrious immigrants mothers are cleaning your toilets, their sons may be defending your right to freedom.

Whats in it for them? After four years active service and 2 years in the reserve they get a green card. Yes, they get to trade risking their life for an opportunity to live in this great country. Many of them risked their life just getting her then signed up to do it again in our military. Think about that next time you think about griping about how tough times are for you. Interject these facts the next time the immigration question crops up in conversation.

The army has been trying to change the rules to allow any amigo with two years in a combat zone to be allowed to get his papers. I think that is more than fair. Next time you see an amigo that you don't like for some reason wonder if he got here by the way of the front lines of the field of battle. Wonder if he has served our country with more of a sacrifice than you have. Next time you decide to gripe about illegal immigrants think about the one on the front line of the battle taking your place.

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