Monday, June 26, 2006

Well its been almost a year since my last blog post. I had originally intended this to be a daily update but it seems to be averaging just a few posts per year. Time really gets away from us doesn't it. I am going to try to post up something a little more often but there are no promises.

I have decided not to cover any bicycle racing this year. Bike race organizers just seem a little too squirrely for me. I was going to continue this season but the first big race of my coverage season was a total loss. I tried to download the press forms from the Tour de Georgia site at least a dozen times with no luck. I emailed the press folks about half a dozen times trying to get help to no avail. They didn't even respond to my questions until the day before the race. By then it was too late to schedule time off from work, hotel rooms and someone to help with the photos. I guess they were working about as well as their sponsors vehicles do. Ford does stand for Fixed Or Repaired Daily doesn't it??

I am dedicating this year to working more on than If anyone wants to cover some bike races and send in photos and reports I'll be happy to post them up and give you credit for your work but we have a financial budget of zero. This is all for fun and not for profit. I have also launched to cover my interest in motorcycles but it is off to a slow start. I have been working an average of 80 plus hours per week so not a lot of extracurricular activities are happening other than my church responsibilities.

I did make it to the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction this spring and hope to make a few of the Year One events but that will probably be about it. If I get any time off from work I am going to try and actually ride my bike, climb and maybe do a mission trip. I hope this message finds all of ya'll doing well.
God Bless,

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