Monday, October 13, 2008

Howdy folks,
Long time, no rant. I have been dealing with some problems with my back, thus I have not really been too interested in extracurricular blogging. I am going to try and get back to ranting because it seems as the world has gone totally loopy and griping to my friends and family just aggravates them and doesn't really help.

Friday I had to jump start a new Cadillac and decided that owning a jump start box as opposed to cables might be a good idea. This morning I went to purchase a jump start box to keep in my primary truck. I first tried Wall Mart and they all said "made in china" so I figured I would run over to Sears "where America shops" and look at the Die Hard and Craftsman labeled stuff. They had about five different models. One said "made in mexico" and the other four said "made in china". I was apalled. So I called a local industrial supply and a local hometown auto parts store. Both places only had "fine china" manufactured jump boxes.

I have given up on buying one now. I would rather do without and use my "made in America" jumper cables as opposed to purchasing a chinese made jump box. Last week I needed to purchase some more NiMH rechargeable batteries for my small electronic devices. I went to four stores looking for U.S.A. made batteries. Once again, no luck. I did eventually find some that were made in Japan so I settled for a few of those to get me by until I can find some U.S. sourced batteries.

We are in the middle of an economic down turn that folks all seem to be in a panic about. But these same folks continue to purchase chinese products instead of looking for home grown products. If you purchase products without regard to where it is made and only look at price then you deserve to lose your job. How is the guy that works at the battery plant going to afford your services if his job is outsourced to china?

Ya'll can blame the big corporations if you want, but you would be wrong. It is the consumers fault that our manufacturing base is falling away. If you don't specifically buy American products as much as you can then you are the problem with our economy. If the American public would vote for local jobs with their pocket books in the isles of Wall Mart and other stores by leaving chinese junk on the shelves then the distributors would pay attention.

In recent memory we have had chinese pet food suppliments killing pets all over the country, Thomas the Tank Engine toys have showed up with lead based paint for your kids to chew on and most recently melamine (a really nansty chemical) is showing up in baby formula and non dairy creamers. Lipton had to destroy an entire shipment of creamers and nobody is talking about how much may have gotten through to the market place.

We have just approved offshore oil drilling to the dismay of the hippy peace freak tree huggers. Many people are outraged that we would allow U.S. oil companies to drill offshore. But these same reserves have been being exploited by the chinese. Who would you rather have drilling for oil near our coast? U.S. Companies or the chinese? At least the U.S. oil companies will have to follow EPA guidelines. The chinese have proved they don't care about us with food and toys, do you think they care about spilling some oil off our coast?

The chinese are the worlds worst polluters at present. Just look at the amount of CFC 12 they are producing annually. Look at their electric power production and across the board at all their infrastructure. So your worried about the U.S. economy or the world environment? If you claim to care and at the same time you purchase chinese products without regard then you are a hipocrite and a lier. Strong Words? No, just the plain truth.

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