Friday, January 09, 2004

hay folks,
i just got back from a 17 day trip to kolo"rad"o. didn't have a live phone line in the cabin we rented so i kinda lost touch. the ice is growing in the mountains and i am getting excited. after all the ice climbing i did early season and then in kolo"rad"o has me feeling strong. i finally picked up the ice climbing guidebook from the printer yesterday. the first lot is shipped and will be hitting select dealer shelves today. they are still going to be available here directly on the web site. they look pretty good and after sitting down and reading it last night i decided it was worth the money. i'd pay 28.95 and be happy about it. that is going rate for a guidebook these days and the information is more complete than anything ever compiled on the region.
work is brisk but i won't let it interfere with ice climbing. i have now organized an everest south col expedition for spring 2005. we have 9 climbers committed and about half a dozen trekkers. i have three climbing permits and trips left at 36,000 each. this is the full deal including meals, oxygen, internet and sherpas. the trips are priced at about 60% or current market price. the trekking slots are 3,000 for all in country costs and we have no limit on folks that can go. we also have a few client slots left open for the june trip to the andes of peru. if you wanna climb some big mountains drop me a line.
christmas was good again this year as it was spent in ouray and tellurid kolo"rad"o. the skiing was outstanding this year. ridgeway had a record month for snow in december and telluride was close to record. we drove in the first night during a winter storm that dumped over a foot of fresh. while we were there they had four major snow events. one storm even dropped over 2 feet in 24 hours. got to do lots of soloing in the ice park and even some roped climbs scattered from ouray to ames. with a good ice forecast for n.c. over the next couple of weeks and a feb trip to new hampshire and a march trip back to kolo"rad"o i am stoked for ice. please buy my guidebook so that i can aford all the travel i have planned. happy new year to all ya'll.

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