Thursday, December 11, 2003

oh well,
the blog was started with good intent but i haven't posted to the darn thing in a month of sundays. work has been very swift for the past 12 months and with the climbing guide project there has not been a moment to spare. i haven't even done an update to the site in months until last week after i sent the finished book to the printer. with that project over i can now get back to working on this d@rn website and try to keep the blog a little more current. i have been doing updates on the climbing conditions page since the ice came in so at least i have not been completly useless to society.
as i mentioned the book is at the printer and i am supposed to get my blueline proof tomorrow for approval. if all is o.k. (i already have some corrections and additions, but they have to wait now) then we will be 10 to 14 days away from shipping the books. as ya'll find mistakes drop me a line and i'll post them.
i am trying to wrap up work so that i can get on out to ouray for the holidays. nothing like a colorado christmas. unless it is a swiss christmas, or a montanna christmas, or a utah christmas...... i have managed to get 9 days of southern ice climbing in thus far this season and am staring a 17 day trip to ouray in the face. looks like the start of another good ice year. lots of trips planned and lots of time off from work. i may go broke but i'm going to have fun.

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