Monday, June 04, 2007

i was recently asked this question in relation to my stance on gun control:
MC, lets consider for a minute that America was overthrown by a greater power. Let's say the Chinese. A new government, contrary to democracy, was installed. An occupying force was attempting to subdue the social unrest of Americans.

They get wind of this rebellious Crowderite faction forming in the South East.

Is it fair to assume that you'd dig deep into your gun cabinet to resist these foreign invaders when they came to town to disarm you give you a new social security number?
my response:

i really doubt the chinese are going to invade in our lifetime. they will take our place on the top of the podium of economic power but i'll discuss that a little later. (don't buy discount, buy american) lets start with the 2nd amendment.

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

the real invasion is going to happen from within and be spearheaded by the liberal left. first they are going to see that the word militia is defined in a way that ordinary folks shouldn't own guns. it will start with the banning, then confiscation of assault rifles. next will be handguns to be followed by all weapons. in england they have now banned pocket knives...

because some folks are going to nut up, your local cops are not going to be willing to participate in this program. the constitution forbids using troops so they will either redefine that portion of the constitution or use private contractors such as blackwater. the private contractor is how i see it happening. to go against these guys will be suicide. after we lose our guns you will see the entire government switch to a totalitarian socialist model and we will lose all of our rights.

but if it goes the way of a communist invasion, my neck of the woods is going to be reminiscent of the movie red dawn.

the important theme to remember is that our country is losing its economic edge to the chinese and our political fortitude the the liberal left very rapidly. the combination of workers "rights" that have been forced on employers by the government and unions has put our country at a competitive disadvantage. this is where the real war is fought. economics. the germans lost two world wars but now they own half of the british companies that built the infrastructure that defeated them. the japanese were defeated in ww2 but now are buying up american corporations and property like it is free.

a quick aside to ponder. just before ww2 we were selling the majority of our scrap metal to the japanese. at present most of our scrap metal is going to the chinese. i find this interesting.

also consider that the vast majority of counterfeit drugs being sold in our country come from china. we recently had the pet food scare from the tainted protein manufactured by a chinese company. any of the other counterfeit products and trade mark infringing products found here come from china. by placing our country in such a position of need for chinese manufacturing we are weakening our country severely.

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