Friday, July 26, 2002

let see it's fridayyyy...
the busiest work day of the week for me but i get to take the weekend off for the second week in a row. i guess i am finally catching up from the onslaught that was waiting when i returned from peru. the folks at the shop did a good job in my absence but there was still a lot that needed my personal attention. i have posted a fair amount of new stuff to the switzerland section of the site and am working on a couple of new sections that should be up in the next few days. also working on more for the rock climbing and peru sections. keep an eye out for the new stuff.
i may even get to go rock climbing on sunday even with my bad thumb. i'm keeping my fingers crossed. there is a lot happening with access here in the south. check out the s.c.c. website for details. we may soon have official access to high point here in georgia. of course we are still raising money for boat rock

Thursday, July 11, 2002

well we're alive.
i have been so busy i haven't even posted to the blog until today and it is just to remind ya'll that the boat rock benefit is being held in atlanta tonight. if you want something cool to do then check out for details. i need to get back to work so i'll have to catch up on what all has happened since my last post some time later. i have updated the site some so follow the travel button to see. will be updateing the site regularly now.

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