Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Just a quick thought about our nations health care system. The current administration is wanting to nationalize our health care. Recently I talked to a person in this field that was an Obama supporter about the issue. This persons response was they wanted to model our system after the Canadian Health Care system.

I have a friend who is a medical researcher. For thier research they use Canada for their double blind because as he put it "for elderly patients, they have a placebo based system". In Canada, when you retire and become a non productive member of society, the waiting list for medical care can be years if you ever get it at all. Especially for orthopaedic proceedures.

Another fact I just discovered. There are more bone density testing machines in my little hometown of Gainesville, GA than in the entire country of Canada. Sad, just totally sad.

A wise economist once said, "there is no free lunch". There will be no free medical care either except for those indigant persons that already have it. For the rest of us we will just have our tax rate increased to pay for it and in the end get substandard health care which will be more expensive than if we had left it in private hands.

If you think the g-men can give you anything for FREE then you are plain ignorant. Everything has some form of cost. Some is just more obvious than others.

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