Wednesday, April 04, 2007

o.k. folks,
lets see if we can knock the dust off of this and see what the actual score is this week. for the past year it has been pretty much status quo in the middle east. iran, while flexing their muscles, have not made any real overt moves. they have been feeding the terrorist network in iraq but have not been waiving a flag about anything in particular.

the same ol, same ol has been going on in pakistan. so now that the liberals have captured public opinion, the media (which they have always had), and both sides of congress. they have passed an ultimatum for the removal of our troops. how has the middle east reacted?

first iran goes public with the admission of having over 1,000 centrifuges in operation and that they should have 3,000 on line in the coming months. according to the experts i have heard, that puts them less than two years away from having a nuclear bomb. they have also stepped up, taking british prisoners, and holding them illegally. this mexican standoff is going to end up reminiscent of the american hostage crisis under carter. remember how that played out. if you go back and study foreign policy carter is a big reason we are in the predicament we now find ourselves.

yesterday the pakistanians signed a treaty with the taliban. they have basically granted them amnesty to do as they please and rule the territory that borders afganistan. this is a major capitulation. the taliban now rules a significant amount of territory with no fear of military interference. in fact, bin laden now has a free meal ticket. check out this quote:
In his blog for ABC News, Brian Ross reports that Pakistani Major General Shaukat Sultan said in an interview that bin Laden "would not be taken into custody, as long as [he] is being like a peaceful citizen."

the pakis have just given the most wanted terrorist in the word a free ride!!! if ya'll don't think all of these things are taking place because of our apparent loss of will then you are nuts. the middle eastern rulers and terrorist have seen we don't have a stomach for a fight and they are turning up the heat.

it is only a matter of time before our current political climate comes back to bite us on the rear. these middle eastern militants only understand two things. weakness and power. you are either the big dog or they eat you alive. i want you peaceniks to realize that lots more civilians are going to die because ya'll don't have the stomach to keep up an honorable fight. when the troops come home, the middle east is going to go off like a bomb and the terrorists are going to follow our military here to continue the fight on our soil.

at this point i am disgusted. just stick your heads in the sand and wait for someone to come shoot your @ss off. i just hate that some good americans are going to be killed in the crossfire. instead of protesting and dissenting why don't ya'll just move to canada or france where you belong.

the liberal press is giving more coverage to anna nicole smith than they are giving this. i heard recently that the major news networks are dedicating 18% of their total news time to the anna nicole trash. from a month to bury the tramp and now at least a month trying to figure out who the father of her child is the ignorant american public is more interested in this w$#%@'s (did i actually type that word? well i guess sometimes you have to call a spade a spade) life and death of debauchery than real issues that affect their life.

we live in an entertainment society. just look at who the highest paid people in america are. athletes and actors. our culture places more value on being entertained than informed. we are going to get roasted because of this at some point. we have ignorant folks who would rather spend 20 hours a week watching somebody else play with a ball or watch the hollywood paparazzi than take an interest in the stuff that really matters.

bring the troops home, put another ball game on the t.v. or lets watch entertainment tonight. if we ignore those folks on the other side of the planet they will leave us alone. right?


p.s. can you tell i am a little aggro with the peace freaks today?

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