Saturday, April 02, 2005

i said i was going to attempt posting more to the blog but it ain't happening. i guess a four month lapse between post is better than a year. work has been so busy of late that i haven't had much time for anything other than church. i had to cancel my annual febuary trip to new hampshire and the vacation i had planned for next week. instead of spring skiing i am going to be toiling away at the daily grind. i guess it is better to have too much work than not enough.
i am still planning on tking off the week of the tour de georgia and will definetly be in france for all of the mountain stages of le tour de france. with lance going for win number 7 this is another "can't miss" opportunity.
we did make to switzerland over the holidays and had lots of fun in the alps again. we spent most of our time skiing but i did get a few days of ice climbing in. i managed to climb in grindelwald, kandersteg and even went to swendi which may be the best ice in the swiss alps. lots of stuff there to keep a person busy.
at church, my mes group has had the nursery for the past month and that has been a trip. the kids are lots of fun and lots of work to keep up with. having a room full of kids with 3 minute attention spans, infants and trying to teach a lesson is challenging. the other two guys in our group both have newborns so they at least knew how to change the diapers. since i don't have any kids and have never changed a diaper i skated on that chore and am still ignorant of the subject. lets hope my luck hold out.
the land trust we formed at the southeastern climbers coalition has just purchased its third climbing area. we just added the cliffline at jamestown alabama to our holdings at boat rock in atlanta and kings bluff in tennessee. not bad for a regional climbing club that has only been in the landtrust business for three years. if we keep this up we will own many climbing areas within the next decade. check out to find out more about our organization and events.
i have been sporadic at updatine the site but i have added a few pages to the travel section and the antique car pages. well its saturday and since i am here at work i amy as well get back to it. i don't really enjoy working on weekends but it has been necessary of late. i hope all ya'll are having fun today instead of working. i'll try to post more soon, meantime may God bless you and enjoy the website.

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