Sunday, May 11, 2003

darn it,
i have been unable to post to my blog for a while. i have been so busy that i did not take time to trouble shoot the problem. turned out to be a glitch in my browser and no amount of updates or changing settings seemed to help. another of those microsoft improved features i downloaded at some point. oh well. now i am using mozilla as a browser and am very happy with it you can check them out at i like this browser a lot and it seems to have less security issues than internet explorer. it's even free.
it seems a war has come and gone since the last post to my blog. i was amazed as i saw folks protest around the world and in the u.s. people actually laid down in the street and blocked emergency vehicles in protest. they should have been run over and backed back over if they lived through the first impact. i can't believe these folks. i think they saw an opportunity to be on t.v. and took it. do any of ya'll that were opposed to the war in iraq remember sept. 11th? where were these people when the f.b.i. murdered 62 women and children in waco, texas. our government declared war on a CHURCH and killed entire families with the permission of clinton and his hag janet reno. people were shot in the back by snipers. they were fired upon from helicopters and tanks were used against them. both of which are illegal in this country. in our country military troops cannot be used against it's own citizens. that is the law. bush acted within the law to help make our country safer from terrorists and all he has caught is grief from the left but when the clinton administration allowed the massacre at waco and killed a randy weaver's wife while holding her baby where were these folks? see more about this at and i bet they were sitting in a coffee house singing kum by ya and discussing literature. freakin fools.
if you wonder how we got to this point you can blame yourselves if you voted for clinton. anyone who voted for him twice is so ignorant that debate would be impossible. lets run down a few of his issues. while he was in office there were many terrorist acts against the u.s. we had the first world trade center bombing that killed lots of folks, there was the attack on the u.s.s. cole that killed i believe 17 soldiers and wounded more, we had the marine barracks attack the killed more than we lost in the entire iraqi war, and a couple of embassy bombings all traced to the same group. what di he do? after all this he sent a couple of missles to blow up a tent somewhere in the desert. he allowed the terrorist to thrive and did not discourage them from continuing. i bet your average terrorist at least fears us now even if they may not respect us. folks like this olnly understand one thing and that is resolve. if they know we are going to chase them down and kill them at every opportunity then they will have a hard time getting new recruits and the old guard will be so busy trying to cover their butts that they won't have much time left to plot against us.
if you need to be reminded then we can continue to let terrorist have a free ride like clinton did and see where it ends up. i would rather them be on the defensive for a change. we need to take some lessons from isreal and kill anyone that is a threat to our way of life. God bless the U.S.A.
now i'll get off my soap box for a while. ice season is long over and it is time to start preparing for the annual mountaineering trip. looks like it's canada this year even though several of their key political figures really made me mad during the iraqi war. i was going to change my plans and go to alaska instead but through the course of researching and talking to many folks from canada i find that very few of them agree with their public officials on this subject. i think bush needs to pass a couple of trade restricions on canadian wood products just to make them pay for being so insulent.
lately work is so busy that i don't have much spare time. what is left at the end of the day is getting spent on the back of the bike or working on an old tractor. i have been working on the tractor section again so be sure to check it out. gotta go do the mothers day thing so i'll talk to ya later.

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