Monday, November 18, 2002

hay folks,
well it is finally here. the first climable ice has been found and is getting fatter by the minute. i managed to get up three of the boulder problems at hogpen gap this morning. by tomorrow a couple of the taller lines should be in. yea ha!. this means that i cn start back to updating my conditions page and srpening tools in my spare time. may even go home and work on some more ice climbing pages in celebration tonight. you can see some of todays events by following the news flash link on the contents page of
i have been working dilligently on the tractor page and have some more updates to post tonight when i have the time. the entire tractor section will become much more polished and have a fair number of new pages. right now i have updated the john deere sections the most and will be posting mostly steam traction engines with tonights upload. hope all ya'll are doing well.

Friday, November 01, 2002

for those that need something to do tomorrow we will be having a trail maintenance day at currahee mountain. we start at 9:00 am and bring something to throw on the grill for lunch. we will be fixing the main trail and establishing a more concise trail to the brick wall. directions can be found under the directions page from the rock climbing section of my site.
the most recent updates to the site have been to the links page and the snowboard page. lots of really cool boarding shots starting to appear. the tractor restoration project is eating into my film scanning time so the updates are not coming as quickly as usuall. i do have a few things almost ready to post so check back soon.

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