Saturday, December 04, 2004

i just noticed how much time has passed since my last post to the blog. almost a year, boy a lot can happen in a year. since my last post i have been on a lot of trips. an ice climbing trip to new hampsire, a month of mountaineering in peru, a trip to france for the tour de france and i am now preparing to leave for switzerland. Christmas in the alps is always a good thing. we will be in grindelwald first then wengen. if you haven'tchecked out the website in a while i have added close to 100 pages in the past year. i am now over 300 pages of content and working on more. i am a little over half way through my tour de france pages and am starting my tour de georgia pages this weekend. my ice climbing guidebook went to the printers in janruary of last year and has been selling well. i am almost at the break even point and have sold close to 1,000 copies. not bad for an ice climbing guide to the deep south.
life has been especially sweet this year as God finally hunted me back down and got me on the right track. i have rededicated my life to Him and found a wonderful church to atend. follow the church button on the website to find out more about the church. with my new attitude work, life and climbing have been better. i pray that God continues to work in my life and ya'lls too. i am going to attempt to get better at this blogging thing but there are no promises. hope ya'll all have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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